Fitness Holiday Bali

Replenish your body and rejuvenate your soul with a specially designed healthy lifestyle package on the beautiful peaceful and serene tropical island paradise of Bali. 

Available all year long, this fully flexible fitness holiday allows you to choose your preferred length of stay (min. 3 nights), accommodation, meal plan, spa treatments & extra activities to ensure you achieve the maximum results from your time away. It truly is your own individual getaway, with the support of expert trainers and nutritionists to guide you along the way.

Under the careful supervision of certified trainers and nutritionists, Motion Fitness Holiday packages in Bali are especially designed for people who want to live a healthier lifestyle. Your time away will be tailored to suit your health and your fitness goals to ensure you achieve your desired results from your stay.

The packages are suitable for all ages and fitness levels and allow you to push physical limits at your own pace. Perfect for a solo traveller, couples holiday or a getaway for a small group of friends.

Motion Fitness Bali is a long-established, highly regarded training facility in Bali that enjoys a devoted following. The dedicated team is full of energy and is passionate about health and fitness. The choice of fitness classes you will enjoy is endless, high intensity cardio, TRX, Yoga, Dynamic Pilates, circuit training and more. The Motion Fitness experience is a noticeably more personal one. Besides the training, our clients get a lot of information on how to maintain their fitness and healthy nutrition. The energy of our community is so strong, it will push you even harder to reach your fitness goals. We will make you Suffer, Sweat and Smile!

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Included in this program are breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks delivered three times a day to your accommodation. After the nutrition consultation your meal plan will be tailored especially for you and your health and fitness goals. Every dish is arranged with a purpose; all the vegetables and fruits are combined so that your body can absorb the vitamins the best way possible. Key for an overall healthy body is the combination of fitness and nutrition.

The accommodation options are varied as we match your requirements and budget to our carefully curated list of boutique hotels and villas, all within easy distance to the fitness studio. Plenty of downtime is also made available for you to relax by the pool, wander the sights and sample the wonderful shopping in the local area.

This holiday takes a holistic approach to your health and wellness by also including lifestyle coaching and meditation to complement your fitness training. With a vast array of optional activities to choose from including hypnosis therapy and private healing meditation, you are able to focus on developing long-term improvements to your overall well-being.

To stay relaxed and feeling rejuvenated after your fitness holiday, we also offer spa treatments like anti cellulite massages, IV therapy, Korean Body Scrub, facials and more. And when you are looking for some action, we also got you covered with activities such as volcano trekking, river rafting, dirt bike tours, surfing, cycling tour and wakeboarding.

Trust our long-term experience and enjoy a stress-free vacation in the tropical paradise of Bali.

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“Amazingly delicous food, and awesome fitness classes”

I honestly cannot thank the team enough for making my trip to Bali a happy, stress free and healthy one.

Renee (AUS)

“Stunning personalized service and attentive about my feelings, weight and measurements”

The nutrition planning combined with training at Motion Fitness every day brings you the best results and very fast! Results are visible and the change you notice in your body and muscles give you lot of motivation to keep going!

Florence (FRA)

“Great place to kick start your fitness or maintain what you already have!”

Everything from the food to the barefoot workouts to pumping music and diversity in the type of workouts…. I find everything to be great value for money.

Leo (UK)

“Highly recommended weight loss program”

They make it so easy for you. Every meal is delivered to your door and taste great. The personal training sessions help you more to stay focused on your goals…it’s a great way to work on your self and body.

Danny (NL)

“Thank you for being the most wonderful influence EVER”

For the first time the stubborn weight is coming off. Thank you so much.

Jaime (AUS)

“Kick start your weight loss and fitness”

I really recommend Motion Fitness to everybody….my body and my soul could not be thankful enough. Don’t hesitate…it’s an experience for life!

Vica B.

“It’s been truly amazing!”

I haven’t felt this energized, happy and proud of myself for the achievements and results I have made in such a long time. I’d like to say a big thank you to the team at Motion Fitness for all their support and guidance throughout this experience.

Ashleigh (AUS)

“I’m impressed”

I have been very happy to be on the new journey. Keep up the excellent work!

Anthony (AUS)

“A gift to Bali and the world”

Amazing what you do with all the people…I am happy with the results. Thank you very much again for all the good work and advice.

Julia (GER)

“I am very happy”

I feel full of energy, my body is more toned and strong and much more defined.

Cecile (FRA)


7-Day Package
1.129 USD per person

Services included:

  • airport transfers
  • accommodation (6 nights)
  • healthy meal plan for 7 days
  • unlimited group fitness classes
  • 3 personal trainings
  • nutrition consultation
  • body measurements
  • before/after pictures
  • healthy lifestyle coaching
  • 2 massages
  • 1 meditation

14-Day Package
2.190 USD per person

Services included:

  • airport transfers
  • accommodation (13 nights)
  • healthy meal plan for 14 days
  • unlimited group fitness classes
  • 6 private trainings
  • nutrition consultation
  • body measurements
  • before/after pictures
  • healthy lifestyle coaching
  • 4 massages
  • 2 meditations


Choose your preferred length of stay, accommodation, spa treatments and extra activities

Always included:

  • airport transfers
  • healthy meal plan
  • unlimited group fitness classes
  • nutrition consultation
  • body measurements
  • before/after pictures
  • healthy lifestyle coaching

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